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Do I need a business license to do business in Valley Grande?
Yes.  Businesses operating in Valley Grande are required to have a valid Valley Grande business license.  Please contact Valley Grande City Hall at 872-0104 for information.


How long does it take to get a building permit or mobile home permit?
Building permits and mobile home permits are generally issued within 1 – 3 days following the submission of a completed application.  Although every effort is made to issue permits as quickly as possible, issuance time can vary depending on the amount of required information submitted by the applicant at the time application is made.  State regulated contractors (homebuilder, electrical, HVAC and plumbers) must be identified at the time application is made and must hold a current, valid City of Valley Grande business licenes.  Please see permit application for a listing of required information.   All required information must be verified through City Hall prior to the issuance of permits.  To expedite the issuance process applicants are encouraged to submit all required information at the time of application or to contact our office for assistance or information.

Building Department

I am building a carport / shed, do I need a building permit?
Construction projects with valuations under $10,000 do not require a building permit.  While a building permit may not be required, all businesses operating and / or performing work in Valley Grande are subject to a business license.  Verification of business licenses can be obtained by contacting City Hall.  Depending on the nature of the construction certain inspections may be required (electrical, plumbing, hvac, etc.).  Please contact the Valley Grande Building Department at 334-872-0104 for more information.

How do I get temporary power for my construction project?
Temporary power inspections are performed after the issuance of your building permit and must be requested by the building contractor.  Application for temporary power must be made by the building contractor or homeowner through Alabama Power Company.  A release for temporary power will be granted through the Building Department following the building inspector’s approval.

Are there any zoning restrictions?
At this time the City of Valley Grande does not have a zoning ordinance.  Some subdivisions, developers and land owners do have restrictive covenents in place that may stipulate certain restrictions.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to check for any existing restrictions prior to construction or placing a mobile home on the property.  Some developers have placed copies of their restrictive covenents on file with the City of Valley Grande.  Copies are available through City Hall.

Do I need a permit to put a mobile home in Valley Grande?
Yes.  Mobile homes must be permitted prior to delivery and set up.  Please contact the Valley Grande “Building Department at 334-872-0104 for information regarding requirements

Do I need a building permit to build a home in Valley Grande?
Yes.  All new construction in Valley Grande requires a valid building permit issued by the City of Valley Grande.  Please contact the  Valley Grande Building Department at 334-872-0104 for information regarding requirements.
How can I contact a city official?
Contacts can be made through City Hall at 334-872-0104 or by email at [email protected]
How can I get copies of the city council minutes?
Copies of council meeting minutes can be obtained through Valley Grande City Hall.
Or you can download them from the website.
When and where does the city council meet?
The Valley Grande City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday nights of each month at 6:00 PM at the Valley Grande City Hall council chambers, unless a holiday causes this date to change. 
FYI for New Residents
Alabama Power Company, the supplier of electric utilities for Valley Grande, has an office located at  217 Church Streetin Selma.  For additional information, contact Alabama Power at 1-800-245-2244 to make application for new power, or visit their website at

Valley Grande’s natural gas provider is AlaGasco.  Their office is located at 10096 Hwy. 14 West.  For more information, contact AlaGasco at 1-800-828-8089.

The water supplier for Valley Grande is the North Dallas Water Authority located on Hwy 22 in Valley Grande.  For information, contact the North Dallas Water Authority at 872-4966.
Anyone wishing to secure telephone service should contact BellSouth.  Their number is 1-888-757-6500.  Long distance service is available through several carriers.  Check the local telephone directory for contact information on long distance carriers.
Automobile and Driver’s License:
Renewals of car tags and driver’s license can be made at the Dallas County Courthouse located at 105 Lauderdale Streetin Selma.  Fifteen year olds may apply for a “learner’s permit”, and at age 16 they can apply for their four year license.  For more information, contact the Dallas County Courthouse.

City business licenses are granted through Valley Grande City Hall.  Fees vary depending on the nature of a business as required City ordinance.  Application for a business license may be made at Valley Grande City Hall at
5914 Alabama Highway in Valley Grande.  For additional information, contact City Hall at 334-872-0104.
Hunting-Fishing Licenses:
Alabama Hunting & Fishing Licenses are now available by phone, 1-888-848-6887.
Persons who have resided in Valley Grande for 30 days may apply for a voter registration at the Dallas County Courthouse in the Board of Registrar’s Office.  For additional information, contact the Board of Registrars at 874-2534.
The City of Valley Grande has a 3% city sales tax within the city limits.
Property Taxes:
The City of Valley Grande does not impose a city property tax.

Assessment of Property:
Each taxpayer is required by Alabama Law (Code 40-7-1) to provide a complete list of all property which is owned.

Homestead Exemption:  A Homestead exemption is a tax break a property owner may be entitled to if he or she owns a single family residence and occupies it on the first day for the tax year for which they are applying.

There are 4 basic exemptions:
(1) Regular Homestead is available to all citizens of Alabama who own and occupy single family residences, including mobile homes, as their home and use this property for no other purpose.

(2) Homestead exemption 2 is for persons over the age of 65 whose adjusted gross income is less than $12,000.00 annually.  This exemption is for all State taxes and county taxes up to $5,000.00 in assessed value.  Those who are permanentlyl and totally disabled or blind, regardless of income, are entitled to this exemption also.

(3)  Homestead exemption 3 is for persons over 65 or who are totallly disabled.  This exemption is from all property taxes if their taxable income is less than $7,500.00.

(4)  Homestead exemption 4 is for persons over 65 regardless of income. This exemption is for the total assessed value of state tax and up to $2,000.00 of county.  Proof of age when required, may be established by a drivers license, birth certificate, insurance forms, church records, or school records.